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Practical ideas for cv writing

Free CV Review Service
How to review my CV?

Instant CV review service will give you an advice on searching mistakes in your curriculum vitae

Before sending a CV to the employer, you must necessarily check it for relevance, accuracy, as well as the presence of possible errors or inconsistencies. To simplify the process of reviewing and updating the CV for applicants, we offer a checklist for this verification. However, if you feel that this process is rather difficult and time-consuming for you, you may always use our Free CV review services and get a professional evaluation of your document.

We have already discussed how to complete a job interview successfully. Today we will talk about few pieces of advice on how to make your CV sound more professional. So, what should necessarily be included in the CV? What points need to be considered when drafting and sending it to the employer or to the recruiting agency?

Remember! Your resume should be written correctly without any mistakes! Just one word with a spelling or punctuation error can completely erase all your efforts. Many managers of organizations do not even take into consideration a resume containing typos.

You should review the CV according to 4 criteria:

  • Spelling
  • Formatting
  • Punctuation
  • and Content.

Print your CV, resume before you can check it, or send to a special CV reviews.

It will be much easier for you to proofread it in a printed version. You will be surprised when you see how many errors become visible when you check the printed text but not a text on the monitor of your laptop. offers you to review and remember the major areas that must be reviewed in the CV or Resume.

Double-check the following criteria listed below:

  • Spelling

If you do not have enough knowledge and do not know how to write certain words properly, use the Microsoft Word Spell Checker that is available for everyone. Also, check the headings of the paragraphs, the names of the organizations, software products, and other non-common words.

  • Facts and dates.

Check whether the time periods and years specified in the CV are correct. Compare your CV and Cover Letters (or recommendation letters if any). Do the facts in your CV correspond to the facts mentioned in the recommendation letters?

Make sure that the CV is properly formatted and does not contain any pictures or tables. Professional CV should be 1-3 pages long.  It should not be overwhelmed with excessive information.

Carefully read your resume and try to find the missing punctuation marks. For example, commas, dashes, apostrophes, etc. Read the CV aloud and delete or replace tautology, duplicate words or unnecessary words. Check the correctness of your name, address, zip code and phone number.

Please note that we listed only the main points of the resume in this checklist. Each job offer requires particular attention and sometimes a special approach. It is possible that making additions and corrections to some sections of the CV will take some time (for example, applicants often face difficulties when indicating their professional achievements). In this case, it will be better to improve your resume and get an in-depth verification of your CV by an expert. Contact us and get an instant help!


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