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We have already discussed how to review your CV and make it impressive. If you followed our pieces of advice, you definitely received an interview invitation. So now let us discuss the phrases that will help you to get a job and make your interview successful.

“I want to work for you” – this is not enough if you are seriously interested in finding a job. Words that really work for you sound differently. What is a secret of the successful interview with the employer? A perfect resume, a great experience, the charm of the candidate? A bit of everything.

These are techniques such as the correct posture, timbre of voice and the right words. We will talk about the latter today. tells about 5 words that will make the employer believe in you.

“I can”

Do not be afraid to turn up smarty pants or overconfident.

If you really can impress the boss by your super abilities in the field of sales, finance, locksmith’s trade or any other professional sphere, do not hesitate to tell about it, but confirm the words with facts.

For example:

“I can find a recommendable employee in a week. Thanks to the education of a psychologist and 10 years of experience in the field of recruiting, I can easily and faultlessly choose the right candidate from dozens of applicants.”

“I know”

The knowledge is the power! And when you know how to apply them in practice, it is impossible to wish for better. If you know how to solve the problem of employee turnover, draw a power, fix bugs in the program code, etc., so tell about it.

For example:

“I know the market because I was engaged in the sales department of mobile phones for 5 years. I know how to arrange them in a display window, what characteristics have new and old models, what to offer customers depending on their preferences and budget.”

“I will learn”

What should you do if you do not have enough experience in a particular sphere? You should learn, improve your skills and prove that you can become an expert. The main thing is to show your interest and prove that even if something is not in your competence, you will certainly close the knowledge gap in the nearest future.

For example:

“When I was applying for a previous job, I did not know how to complete one of the tasks during the interview. At the same time, I did not give up and asked for an extra time to study the subject. A day later, I successfully completed the test task and was successfully recruited. A few years later, I headed the whole department, because I was not afraid to admit my own mistakes and learn from them”.

I want

Be careful with this phrase. It’s not about your personal “I want”, to progress, get new experience, get acquainted with interesting people, etc. Of course, you can also mention this during the interview. Unfortunately, your potential employer is not interested in your personal “wants”. We are talking about “I want” that may be useful for the company now, for example, “I want to start selling, repairing, searching, doing, etc”. Show your willingness to be result-oriented.

“I am not afraid”

These two words also need to be skillfully applied so that they play in your favor. If you are not afraid of difficulties and responsibilities, failures and misfortunes, obstacles and restrictions, then do not be afraid to say it. Both colleagues and management always appreciated people with leadership qualities, with the ability to deal with obstacles and bear away.

For example:

“I’m not afraid that my ideas will not be approved from the very beginning. On the contrary, I will be glad to prove my opinion. AT the previous work the CEO refused to consider my idea of increasing sales. So I came up with so many arguments and provided so detailed justifications that my plan was not approved. In addition, he made me the head of the department.” wishes you success and self-belief. Of course, free cv checker will help you to polish your resume or CV, but it is not enough. Remember that your career is in your hands, so never give up!

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