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Practical ideas for cv writing

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7 tips how to fix my cv photo? will tell you about how to make a cv photo like a professional

CV is not just a page on the social network. The photo attached to your document should be appropriate. It will be the first thing to attract the attention of the employer and it should come across very well. prepared a few examples of how a successful CV photograph should look like.

  1. The picture should show your face and shoulders, nothing more. It does not have to be a full-length shot.
  2. The photo should not be processed in Photoshop. Black and white portraits should be left in the personal photo album.
  3. The focus should be on your face, not the background. Therefore, photo in front of any monument or the Eiffel Tower is not the best choice. Is this a nice photo for Facebook? Probably. Is it professional? Hardly. The picture should not be fuzzy!
  4. Do not make naked photos! Never use pictures wearing a swimwear from the beach.
  5. Do not make faces. Do not frown, play with your eyebrows and try to be serious. Smile is the best choice for the CV photo.
  6. Your photo must be up-to-date. Do not use a photo that was taken 5-10 years ago. Do not mislead the employer, because he may not recognize you when you meet.
  7. Find someone to take a picture of you. Whether you pay a professional photographer or ask a friend to take a picture, the photo will be better than a picture made on iPhone or webcam. The result will be worth the effort.

Certainly, a photo is an important part of your resume. But remember that the professional knowledge and skills of the candidate are always more important for the employer. The picture should be in a business style and correspond to the image, the status of the candidate, and also the main goal of the vacancy.

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