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Practical ideas for cv writing

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5 tips on how to complete a job interview successfully

Leaving a positive last impression is no less important than to make a good first one. It is very important to make a good impression on your potential employer and attract recruiter’s attention. It will greatly improve the chances of successful employment.

1. Ask questions

Do not rush to leave the office right after the interview. Show your interest to a company, its organizational culture and the nuances of the job offer.

2. Agree upon further actions

Before leaving, find out about contact details, write down the name of the HR-manager or a person who will make the decision on your employment.

3. Be enthusiastic

Do not hesitate to express enthusiasm and your personal interest in a vacancy.

4. Make a move forward

The phrase: “Summarizing the results of the interview, do you think I have a chance to get the job position?” will show you as strong and motivated candidate.

5. Be confident

Be self-confident until the end of an interview; do not forget to smile even if you made several mistakes. When leaving shake hands with HR-manager, be polite.

Of course, the employer will estimate your behavior during the interview, but his decision largely depends on the quality of your CV. That is why we offer you to take an advantage of our free CV review service and check your documents.

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